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Montrose Magic

This beautiful couple was especially amazing to be apart of. I rarely stay for the ceremony, as I haven't earned the right to be there to witness such a sacred event, in my mind.. however, this day, my husband and I both stayed to witness this union. Emily Robbins and Willy Corey- were the exception on that beautiful, breezy summer day, as we had the pleasure of knowing Emily since she was in middle school. Watching them wed in the beautiful Montrose mountains, with mutual friends and encouraging family members, was elating. Knowing they would be surrounded by encouraging life-long friends, and doting family members, made this day even happier.

Not only is Emily an insanely beautiful human being, she was also willing to have some fun with her hair!!! That means: EXTENSIONS! not all brides have that long, thick flowing hair- but there is a way to get it!!! Emily's style and hair design gave us the opportunity to have fun, try something new and engage in the most romantic '17 trend- the hair vine. Although commonly believed to be TOO expensive, hair extensions are more affordable than ever, especially if you are just needing them for that DAY-of beauty accessory. There really is no limit to what the All About Looks team can do for your hair.. just Pin it and share it! we will figure out how to create it!

Willy and Emily- we wish you all the love, protection and adventures 2 hearts can handle!!!!

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