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Living a Magical Life...

For as long as I can remember.. I wanted to be a wife and a Mom. that was my Dream. It IS my Dream.. everyday I wake up and thank God.. before I get out of bed every single morning (and I avoid ritual usually) because I remember my mother in law asking me- if all the things you never thanked God for were taken from you.. what would you have left? ooohhhh.... that has stayed with me. every morning I thank God for these 4 littles and my soul mate. and then..... as that was not enough blessing.... I remember I get to spend time with amazing women, young women, older women, little women.. teaching them, helping them, creating new outlets with them, educating them and being with them. I truly know I'm just living a Magical Life.

I nurture women. I love helping them, I love hearing from them, I love being their friend, I love seeing their beauty, often before they do. I love seeing a bride tear up when she sees her "magic" wedding look, I love hearing a wife sigh that she "still has it" when she's getting ready for that Special date. I love filling my client's orders, I love delivering and seeing their relived faces!!! I just love everything about my life. My Business. My blessings.

Since this is my first blog.. EVER.. I'll keep it short. Just know I LOVE what I do, I love my People and I love my worq. I look forward to sharing more of this Journey.. although it's not always an easy life.. it is sooo Worth it!

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